Walking in Your Shoes

Life is rarely a cake walk, but it is an adventure when you walk it with Jesus.  Everyone’s journey with Him is so unique. From the way we first encounter Him, to the call on our lives, to our personal struggles and breakthroughs–each part of our story has a purpose.

No one can walk your faith journey for you. You are unique piece to the puzzle whom God desires to perfectly position in the tapestry of His story. The sooner your start your faith walk the better. One of my biggest “wish I could do it over agains” is walking with Jesus as a college student. I had grown up going to church, but church was not really in me. I even read my Bible occasionally (though not frequently). Like most high achieving students, my number one priority as a college student was worldly success. I wanted very much to claim accomplishment and the praise of those around me, and saw too much Jesus as an occasional inconvenience. Too much of that was excessive and harmful, I thought, to the goal. It wasn’t until I came into some personal and spiritual trouble during a post-bac in China did my heart begin to prick for the gospel and the words of the Bible began to come alive. Like Paul, I found it hard to kick against the goads (and still do!). I had come to a point in my life I really, really needed God (still do!), and He came through (He still does!).

I believe that God did have a special timing for me to encounter Him the way I did in China. Yet, I also believe that my college years would have been so much fuller, so much more enjoyable, and yes–even more successful– had I been more committed to the Lord. As a college student I suffered with depression and anxiety, sleep and social disorders. I was often lonely and sick. The mere presence of godly friends would have been a blessing to me throughout all of that, but I turned down all of their offers for me to fellowship with them. I did not know what I was missing out on. This is part of the reason why I felt led to start this blog-azine. I don’t want any college students to miss what I missed.

My desire as a college student was to be successful and have the praise of men. I actually believe that there were actually some really good things that I wanted for my life as a student, but the path that I was on would never lead me to them in an honest way. I hope that you as a student will position yourself to receive God’s blessing. God knows the righteous desires of your heart and it is His pleasure to bless you when you are in position to be blessed. His blessings are complete blessings, in that they are in every aspect of your life. He wants you to be healthy, successful, whole, impactful, and have great relationships.

If you are a college student reading this who is on the fence about Jesus, or convinced but not committed, get truly saved and live their best lives in Christ, ‘for He will never leave you or forsake you (Deut. 3:16).’ When you take that leap, you won’t ever regret it.

This blog is for students and alumni to vent, share, edify, question, exhort, admonish, encourage, and seek. It is intended to be a virtual place where students can receive and be led to live their best lives in Christ during this season of their lives. It is also for alumi looking to offer a word of advice and Christian admonition. No one can walk this walk for you. You have to do it to enjoy closeness with Christ for yourself. Now walk.

If you are not saved, I encourage you to ask Jesus into your heart to save you from your sins and set you free. Give Him your life, and let Him work. You may not understand everything, but you can’t argue with a real experience, a real change and transformation. See what He is really about. I promise you you will never regret it.


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