Is September 23 the End?

You’ve probably seen it in the news: the September 23 doomsday prophecies being propagated. There are a plethora of believers who are confident that September 23, 2017 will be the day of the rapture or Christ’s return, or some apocalyptic event. I do not need to go into the reasons for the belief in order to offer commentary.

The truth is that we are closer than ever to meeting King Jesus. Even if you are not sure about the details of the end of age–or if you are not a Christian–you can at the very least begin to feel as though we are culminating to something. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods–forget what we would expect of the biblical ‘tribulation’ these times are certainly troubling, even to the extent that most do not know. I found it interesting that of the many natural disasters which have taken place over the past few months, I barely learned of the ones that did not directly affect me. Then again, I really only watch/read local news, and CNN occasionally. For example, didn’t something just happen in India? I heard a faint reporting about it but have not seen much articulation. And then there was the volcanic eruption in Mexico City after the earthquake. I happened upon the story on the internet but would have been none the wiser had I relied upon Channel 2’s reporting. I suggest that if we were to have a more panoramic view of what is actually taking place in the world, we would have more confidence in what the Bible says about the end of the age. We would come away with the notion that something climactic is taking place on the global scale. Yet, the signs are perhaps being blocked from view, a view that, perhaps, our natural minds would rather look away from.

Is this post a doomsday message in and of itself? What’s the point of a doomsday message without hope? Why learn of a horrible fate if there isn’t a chance at changing it? Aha!

Even in the midst of the chaos, there is still hope, and that hope is God. There is a God who loves you more than you could ever know. He wants to save us from destruction and doom. We put ourselves in the way of such things–who hasn’t in some way perpetuated the totality of darkness in this world?–yet God wants to save us from them.

I had a dream recently that I saw Jesus. More than anything from the encounter was His love for me. He emanated love. He was love. Love past my sins. Even more than the thought of my feeling unworthy to be in His presence was His love for me, so much so, that when I found myself in a pit, He reached through and grabbed hold of my wrists, telling me to never let Him go. I’m not saying that Jesus is okay with your sins–I don’t believe that–but I would bet that everyone finds themselves in a pit at some point in time, and if/when you do, your best course of action is to seek Jesus and never let Him go. If that is you know, cry out to Jesus. Dorm room, at home–wherever–it’s never a wrong time to send up a prayer asking for guidance and help.

Jesus loves you!

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