How to Walk in Calling (College Students)

What is Calling?

When I was in college I don’t remember too many people that were actually walking in their calling (or at least I just wasn’t aware). I wasn’t walking closely with God back then so perhaps I just missed the signs.

Some think that calling is something you discover after you graduate from college when you get launched into the world as a member of the labor force and/or that of activism.

The truth is that there is something that God wants you to do–something just for you. It will fit you perfectly like a glove, and you will be everything the world is looking for in a person to solve a problem.

Which brings me to my next point: Your calling will be solution, salve, and salt.

A solution is the complex answer to a problem. Just look around–the world is not wanting of problems. Problems come a dime a dozen. The demand is in solutions. Invest your life in being someone’s solution.

Salve promotes healing and is used to soothe–there will be an aspect of your calling in which you are God’s grace to a people. Recently, there have been many flare-ups socially, politically, naturally, in every way it seems. May God use you to promote healing and soothe these situations. As Christ seekers and followers, you are in the vine (Jesus) and He will use you to bring salvation to others, spiritually and socially (which should lead to spiritual transformation in the long run). Maybe you are passionate about education and God will call you to go into a community and serve, helping others receive needed resources.

Salt is tasty. We use it to liven up food when it is otherwise bland. Salt also preserves. I believe your calling will also be used to “spice” things up in this world. Things get exciting when the truth has a foot in the door and transforms lives, especially when lies have run amuck for so long. Maybe you are a future political leader who will stand for righteousness and not bend or sway to special interests.


Whatever your calling is, you will find that the passion of going after it will consume you and energize you. It may be that you will have to take the higher road in making the decision to go after it. Perhaps you will teach instead of working on wall street. Perhaps you will get the courage to apply to a job which you, out of fear, otherwise would not. Once you say yes to what God’s plan and go after it, God will light a mighty fire in you (and under you) to make bold moves to bring about His Kingdom.

May God bless you abundantly. Keep praying about it and follow God. I don’t know what your calling is, but I bet is has something to do with other people. Service seems to be a requirement in the Kingdom. I think it is because love is a requirement/product of Kingdom citizenship. Say yes to the best plan. You will never be sorry.

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