Wisdom 101

The book of Proverbs begins with the author admonishing his son to keep wisdom in his heart. From the language, it is apparent that the author is very serious about the role of wisdom in a young man’s life. He says that the instructions of his parents are like a garland upon his head and a chain about his neck (Prov. 1:8). The first two chapters warn against temptations that are not uncommon of the young adult today: keeping the wrong company, forsaking common sense, and dangerous romance. I am surprised that more people have not pointed college students to this book of knowledge as a source of wisdom in an age of trial and error, temptation, insecurity, and immaturity. There should be classes on wisdom, with Proverbs being required reading!

I admonish each college student reading this post to take up the 31 day Proverbs challenge where you read one book of Proverbs each day. Considering the workload that one may incur during the semester, I would challenge one to simply ready a portion of a chapter each day. Looking back, I really wish I had read more of that book. There is so much wisdom, so much so that you can’t just read it once; Proverbs should be readily handy in the dorm room of each student. It is an excellent character and moral navigational tool.

Proverbs is also ideal for business and professional principles, regardless of the field you choose to go into. “Lazy hands make for poverty but diligent hands bring wealth” (Prov. 10:4) is back to the basics imagery but firm in its message. As you take your internships and new jobs–even those on campus–consider the proverbs of the Bible.

You see, Proverbs teaches you how to deal with people. For example Proverbs 26:4 says “Do not answer a fool according to his follow, or you yourself will be just like him” (NIV). Imagine how many arguments, headaches, screaming matches, and fights could have been avoided had someone known this verse and taken it to heart!

Make an effort to grow in wisdom this year. No matter your age, you can never go wrong. At the age you are today, you can avoid so many mistakes, pitfalls, and heartaches. Get wisdom.

“Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” Proverbs 2:11

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