The Importance of Alone Time

College is full of activity; events, performances, forums, speaking engagements, parties, etc. There is always something to do on campus, even if you are crossing campus to hang out with some friends. To be engaged in positive, life-giving activity is essential to your mental and even physical health.

But there is such a thing as spending too much time around others. This might sound strange, especially if you are a social butterfly with many friends. However, when you stop thinking for yourself, or when you are constantly getting caught up in a wave of activity due to the majority of a group vote, you may need to pull away. Alone time with yourself and God is necessary for so many reasons. When you are alone, completing the tasks that you have been given to do, you become reconnected to your priorities, the words that God is speaking to your heart, in addition to being able to reflect and process things that were done or said. Thankfully alone time in Christ is not lonely time. Use your time to talk to God about your purpose, relationships and desires. Use it to let Him convict you of anything that got you out of line. Cherish it. Likely, when you are older, there will come a day when you will find it to be scare. Use it to become self aware and honest. Use it to know yourself, your thought patterns, etc. You may decide to journal. You may decide to take on a task, like cleaning your room.

When you have become quieted in your soul, then you can hear truth. With each renewal, you become better for the people you socialize with. I hope you take time out today to pray, meditate, think deeply, maybe even affirm God’s words to yourself, and listen.

God Bless!

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