Daily Devo: That Service Life.

Kids, whatever you do, make sure that you serve others.

While you are studying for those exams, changing majors, and registering for classes for next semester, none of it truly matters if you do not live your life in Christ’s spirit of service. A life void of service simply misses the point. What if, in 10 years’ time you got your 6-figure job, mansion, and your wardrobe is the envy of your circles. You might be well-known, a go-to person for writing checks, and the owner of a pretty nice whip. These are things many college students dream of–I know I did! But what if you had all of those things and found no value among those who had the highest need? What if you walked into a room of people and by your presence alone, could not minister to them? What if the money in your pocket did nothing for the homeless man you pass by? What if all of the potential stored up inside of you went bad because you were being too strategic about “getting yours”. Everything you have and might obtain in the future should ultimately–in some way–go towards allowing you to be a better giver and offer the value that God created you to have for the benefit of others.

Your gifts and talents make you a walking blessing machine. Maybe it will or will not be money. Maybe it will be your presence and wisdom. Maybe it will be your ability to pray for others and encourage them. Maybe it will be your ability to solve community solutions. Maybe it will be your ability to teach and give your time.

The amazing things about being human is that there are so many things we can do. And as we are redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ, we find that we are well able to do far more than what we could ever think of. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Everywhere you look there are problems to be solved. Because of your supernatural favor, every problem is also an opportunity.

When Jesus walked this earth, every day of His ministry was for other people, right up until the day He was killed. No problem was too hard for Him. It seems that He took every opportunity, no matter how daunting, to educate, inspire, elevate, and heal. He walked in the full knowledge of who He is and His relationship with the Father. Therefore, He knew that there was no obstacle that He could not conquer. You need to know the same. Know who you are in God–that you have been called, chosen and sent for this day–to be a light and a blessing for others.

Even today, you are a walking blessing machine. You are valuable. Be valuable. You may be needed to offer godly wisdom to a friend in a crisis. You may be called to go and serve homeless people. You may be called to help someone study with the next test. You can start today. You are not waiting for your time to arrive. Your time is already here! If you want to be truly great, you must serve. I don’t know anyone in college who does not dream of greatness. I believe it is embedded in our DNA because our Creator is Great. So here is a pathway to greatness: Serve others. Make your life about other people as Christ leads you and be great!

God Bless!

Prayer: Jesus, please show me the way to greatness–your path and not the world’s path. Please bless me with the courage to do your will and serve others. That you Jesus, Amen.


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