Daily Devo: Knowing Jesus in the Midst

Depending on where you go to school, something is being said about Jesus. At some institutions, you might be reminded that He is the Christ (Savior), others may outright deny all of His claims of divinity. Some are mum, suggesting that Jesus is irrelevant to the pursuit of a career.

In college you will find an array of different lifestyles as well as hairstyles, belief systems as well as practices. The diversity of thought and lifestyle can be alluring, yet there are many voices which seek to route you away from the Lord, the consequence of which is to walk a path of regret. People might offer proofs (but no power), arguments but no love, and conviction without grace. Be very careful! I write as a former college student, looking back and seeing the tricks of the enemy in turning my path away from God. Whether it was taking the wrong internship, pursuing the wrong crowd, it all stemmed from my wrong beliefs about God and about the truth that God’s way is always the best way. These tricks do not really change.

Your job is to know Jesus for yourself, to seek Him. Jeremiah 29:13 says “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart” (NIV). Never leave your relationship with the Lord up to someone else’s judgement or figuring out. God has a plan just for you. You are responsible for living in it.

There are so many voices, not just on your college campus, but in the world. There are so many ideas attempting to pull you in different directions. Some people just surrender to a state of “I don’t know”, which leads them to live lives according to their own brand of wisdom. You must know and seek God for yourself. For that college student dealing with a state of confusion, I would say to pay attention to the fruits being borne by these beliefs and people’s lives. What has been the fruit of the different beliefs? On individual and global scales? What is the end result? If it is not love, joy, peace, healing, and power, then there is no need to bother. The Bible says you will know the tree by the fruit it bears, not by what it says, or what its branches look like, or what someone else says it is. You yourself have to examine that fruit and determine the value of that tree. But how can you know the value of that tree? Everyone has a void that only God can fill. The right tree will fill that void. Jesus is the way the truth and them life.




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