How to Minimize Regret

Regret seems to pile up in one’s life like dirty laundry. If you are not intentional on keeping it at a minimum, eventually you will find a closet full of things that you simply wish you could forget or go back and change.

The way to deal with dirty clothes is to suck it up and go to the laundry room. The way to deal with regret it to bring your burden to Jesus and commit to change. Though, I do believe that there is another way to deal with regret: Deal with before it is able to crop up like loads of dirty pants. Think of it, always be mindful of how you desire your tomorrow to be (according to the will and word of God) and act accordingly. Commit beforehand to make the right decision and you will. Don’t wait until you are between a rock and a hard place to figure out what you are supposed to do, decide now that you are going to live righteously. Then it will be easier to execute your plan of no regret.

People often think of living life with “no regrets” as having done everything they wanted to do even if it was irresponsible, or at the very least, not allowing the weight of guilt to weigh them down about their indiscretions. Be the one who has “no regrets” because they lived wisely. More often then not, this may require some to take the route of ‘not acting’ at all. For example, not saying everything that is on you mind. Or not going to that party when you felt in your spirit you were not supposed to go. Or not answering that phone call.

Though lets be clear: you are not perfect and if you make a mistake, just get back up and move forward in God, knowing that He loves you so much. Jesus is always there, not for us to live however reckless we want, but for us to receive freedom from the guilt and weight of our sins, knowing that He is in control and can still use us if we let Him. Moreover, be the one who does not commit mistakes in vain; learn from them. Be wise, do not sin, and learn from your mistakes.

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