Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart. We hear that a lot in Hallmark movies and greeting cards, but is that really advice we would want to follow when making decisions for our life? How about in picking your major or choosing a future career?

My goal was always to please the Father and follow His Will. When I was younger, I focused on my actions and what that would look like. I might make the wrong decision and disappoint Him! What should I do? It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that it was more important that my heart was set on Him than it was that I did everything exactly right.

I was 18 years old and being faced with the decision that all college students are eventually faced with: declaring a major. They’d always told me that I wouldn’t really have to declare until halfway through college, but since I had skipped a grade and taken concurrent credits, I had to decide much sooner than I had anticipated.

Enter months—even years—of wondering and worrying. I chose a major based on what I thought I would like to study, and ended up double majoring in English and Spanish. Still, when it came time to graduate when I was 20 years old, I had no more idea what would please my Father as far as a career choice than I did when I chose my major at 18. I wasn’t ready to enter the world, but the future was fast-approaching.

I asked the advice of my parents and of others whom I trusted. I studied the Scriptures. I prayed constantly. Still, I felt beset by the fear that I would make the wrong decision and be unable to please my Father or make a difference in the world.

In my heart, I had always loved children and the languages that I had studied. Still not knowing if what I was doing was in the Will of my Father, I decided to move forward with a teaching career. After taking some prerequisites and graduating from the Masters of Arts in Teaching program, I got my first teaching job.

By this time, I was less worried that I would disappoint the Father, but it wasn’t until my third year of teaching that I knew for certain that I had made the right decision all those years ago when I declared my major.

It’s not that teaching was the only right path for my life or my only way to please the Father. It’s that my heart was always to glorify the Father and make a difference. I had followed my heart, and Yahweh God had incorporated all of my decisions into that central goal.

Romans 8:28 says that He works all things together for our good if we love Him and are called to His purpose. I have always found that to be true in my life. I know now that it wasn’t as important what career path I chose or the actions I took as it was that my heart was Yahweh’s heart. My actions and choices would follow my heart. Psalm 37:4 says we will get the desires of our heart if we delight ourselves in Him. I have also found this to be true.

It’s amazing how many things worked together, seemingly by accident, to get me where I am today. I am happily making a difference in the lives of my students, teaching them English as a Second Language in what is, in my opinion, the best school in the state of Arkansas. During that gap year between undergrad and the MAT program, I had extra time and decided to take some ESL courses. I had some extra time my senior year and decided to take some extra Spanish courses, which I still use to help my students today. In every step, Yahweh God has provided for me to be where I am, and I know that He will always do so, for my desire continues to be to know Him only and give Him glory.


Cassondra Beers,

Author Promises: The Poetry of the Zadokim, Remembrance: The Poetry of the Zadokim

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