The Definition of Faith: Standing on Firm Foundation of God’s Love

On an episode of the T.V. series Touched By an Angel, angels Tess and Monica were explaining to a broken young woman that God loved her. The young woman just couldn’t see it; she was a single mother whose dying son had a congenital heart defect and needed a very expensive surgery. To meet his need, she dishonestly entered into a $25,000 prize beauty competition with a rule that forbade mothers from participating. Tess explained to her that God loved her, whether she would come clean about her qualifications or not, but that she would never know just how much God loved her if she did not let God—a God of truth—provide for her instead of using deceit to obtain only part of what she needed. Tess explained that her lying was keeping God from moving in her life and providing for all of her needs—financial, spiritual, and emotional. She said that when we lie, God cannot stand up for us because He cannot lie nor support a lie. When the young woman decided to confess to the contest audience the truth about her desperate situation, she not only found provision and peace with God, but also, in a twist of plot, ended up reconciling with long lost family.

Have you ever been where that young woman was? Have you ever been tempted to cheat on a test or a homework assignment to make sure that your grade was where you thought you needed it to be? Have you ever put your ambitions above what you knew to be right? Have you ever found cutting corners to be more practical than being honest? We all have done things that we are not proud of in response to the pressures of this world: the demand to be successful, the illusion that others are ahead, the lie that we are not good enough, or the feeling that no one else is doing the right thing. Yet, for every time we believed those pressures and let them mold us, we prevented God—one who cannot stand for unrighteousness or lies—from moving fully in our situations. When we stifle truth, we disable God from being Provider.

It takes us knowing and remembering who our God is. He is the Creator of all there is. He loves us more than we could ever know or imagine. Not only that, but He is a whole being, and He wants to make us—broken beings–whole. When He provides, He doesn’t just have a single thing in mind, He imagines for us healing and restoration in every part. When we lie, cheat, and manipulate to fix a situation, we are only addressing one small part of our lives, we don’t really have the capacity to justly envision restoration of our entire lives. That is God’s job! God is able to move and meet all of your needs if you let Him.

Letting Him, however, requires faith. It requires belief that God loves you, but how can you know that God loves you if you do not spend time with Him? God has to be the central part, the foundation and cornerstone of our lives. If everything else were to be scaled back, let it be revealed that God is the source and foundation of who were are; that what He says about us is the definition of our identity—and that we are clinging tight to that, maintaining that at the forefront of our minds. That is what it means to have a renewed mind. When our minds are renewed in the light of God’s truth, we can stand up for truth and let God move in, have His way, and be our source. Like the young woman in Touched By an Angel, we can receive provision for the thing about which we are tempted—and some!


“Lord God, thank you that you love me so much that I will never fully know. Lord, I recognize that I hold on, trying to take control of my life too often. Lord, help me to see you for who you really are—the true source of all provision, of all that is right, and of all that is true. Show me where I am not trusting you and walking in faith, and thank you for your grace and mercy to bring me to the place where you are my rock. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

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