To the girl who is trying to fit in:

I see you.

Yeah, you.

You’re the one trying your hardest to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Running after approval of your peers and even those older than you.

Trying to impress with your dress.

Trying to persuade with your grade.

You’ll run and run, but won’t let them see you pant;

But the truth is you have no breath to speak up for yourself.

In fact you are suffocating, if you even exist.

And if you don’t I advise you to obtain an identity from the one who gives them.

Come to life in Christ, the one who says “Father, forgive them.”

You are most certainly included in His idea of paradise, though you don’t understand

that He died for you to have you and for you to have Him,

and took a nail in hand.

True life is found in God, in the maker of the Heavens and the Earth,

the only Original

who wants to give you a name

Do you know Him? Does He know you?

Or do you still have your shame?

He tells you who you are, not this world.

Not your boss, not your father, uncle, mother, not your friends.

So defy expectation. Defy the trap that has killed billions

Defy fruitless convention. Defy labels. Defy demands placed on you

by those who can’t love you.

Accept that you have this one life. And give it to God.

Because without Him, you’re just a natural fraud.

So find your rest in the midst of war, in Christ.

Breath deep and exhale, and bask in the light.


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