On Living a Life of Purity

It’s amazing what you can find on social media…just about anything. I went looking for college students who would be interested in reading a publication about God, and instead I found, almost instantly on twitter, a young woman of God whose ministry involves writings. I went to her site and was blown away with how the heart of God was being expressed through earnest words on purity.

I am older than her–probably more than a decade older-but I felt like I was at her feet learning. I was admonished and instructed to follow God and always remember that He is enough. Readers are empowered to live for God and follow a message that needs to be heard on college campuses around the world. This post is a clarion call to rise up and pursue God and find so much more than what the world offers. I would describe it as a back brace to help us stand taller in God. I was so blessed by her post. I know you will be as well.

This one is really for the ladies, but the gents can stand to learn a thing or too from it as well. See her blog!

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