Why Seek God in College

College is one of the most important times in a person’s life. So much goes into deciding which college you will attend. Indeed, you are likely to make life-long friends. You are likely to engage in memorable academic and endeavor, and surely, you will learn something that you will carry with you the rest of your life. You will understand how the world works, that is, how business and people work to make things happen, to gain a living.

Supposedly, college is designed to be one of the last stages of adulthood prep. It is the last stop before actual adulthood, working, managing finances, and interacting with the larger world.

But most colleges, even the nominally Christian ones, do not really prepare you for how to deal with life.

Is there a personal crisis management class available? Is there a child-rearing class? Is there a class on marriage? What about how to have a work-life balance? What about homemaking?

If you are enrolled in a liberal arts institution, college is probably not preparing you for real life–at all.

If you are taking up a trade or vocation, college is preparing you for one aspect of life but perhaps not how to actually live it.

Even if schools were to expand their course offerings to include the previously mentioned classes, actually living it out is a completely different matter. As a post-graduate adult, I have found that in college, I did not fully know who I was, and I’m still finding out! I did not have a map, nor did I have a compass. Moreover, things not on the map– the unpredictable—are inherent to life. I could take all the different kinds of class I wanted, and learn everything I could, but these accomplishments—accumulations, rather—were not propellers for forward movement. What value are sneakers when you need to fly? What value is a car when you need a boat?

God understands where you are and where you need to be. He has a plan for you that is awesome and completely amazing. He will lead you through that plan in order to mold you into the person that He desires for you to become so that He can bless you with you heart’s desires.

Not only does God know where you are and where you need to be, but He also know how to get you there, just follow Him.

Seeking God—and all the things one would do to seek Him constantly—will lead you into destiny. It will lead you to the fulfilment of every craving and desire inspired by the righteous imagination which has been echoed, though at times twisted–in popular culture.

Seek God now.

Most people wait until they are well into their adult years to serve God. It is usually a consequence of a series of unfortunate events that lead a person to seek Him, but the truth is that you can avoid so many things. Some look around at others, and if their life seems to be “normal” compared to others, they are more willing to maintain that status quo. But what if your normal isn’t normal at all. What if your normal is actually way out of line from what God has for you? Seek Him to find your best life, starting now!



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