When you don’t get your way in life

I don’t know what it is about having a mind of your own that makes you want to do your own thing in life. It often occurs that our desires do not align with the desires of God concerning us. We want to be the captain of our own ships and we like to sit on the throne of our own hearts. We desire to do it all, to prove to ourselves and to others that we are enough, that we are the masters of our own lives.

Yet, we do this dishonestly, because we know that every day is a gift; We did not make the sun rise, not did we cause the moon to shine at night. We don’t wake ourselves up, nor do we lay ourselves down to rest. We know that the measure of life that is beyond our control is infinite.

But we cling. We conveniently put truth out of our minds so that we can continue to pursue life on our terms, exalting ourselves in the unreal notion that we rise and fall based on our own terms. Yet, God is merciful, always leading us closer to Him, lovingly leading us to trust Him. When things do not work out like you want them to, know that God is always working to use that to show you something about Him (that you can find your rest and put your trust in Him). Just as a little child should not always have their own way for the sake of their protection and character development, so it is with ourselves from God’s perspective. We don’t see everything. We don’t know everything. God, in His infinite wisdom, is our protection, preserving our coming and going (Psalm 121). He is working on us to become beacons of light in dark places. We can’t do these things for ourselves. Even in our trials, when we feel completely out of control—in that is grace because when we have no choice but to trust God, we find out just how good He is and how much He loves us.

May you find your rest in Jesus this day. He loves you and wants the very best for you. In fact, He wants greater for you than you want for yourself.

So with regard to that exam, that project, those friends, that money situation, or your very future, trust in the Lord always. In the palm of His hand is your best life yet. You can trust Him.

God bless!!!

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