What you need to know before you graduate

If your name is called as you walk across the stage, and you don a rainbow of chords and sashes around your neck to indicate your academic achievement, you’ve done a lot.

If, as you transition to your new endeavors–be it a new job, graduate school, or something else–and you are on fire for a cause that God has placed in your heart, you’ve done everything!

If you study the revolutions of modern society, the ones that have brought lasting change for the better, they usually have the fire of youthful energy in common.

When youth are educated about the world around them AND have a relationship with God in which they are willing to let Him order their steps, there is nothing–and I mean NOTHING–that can stop them. There is no echelon of society that can keep you out when God has purposed you! The youth of anointing are like wild fire set ablaze to change the world. You are like wild fire.

Throughout time immemorial, God has often glorified Himself through youth, many younger than today’s college age demographic. There was Jeremiah, who, at seventeen, was called by God to be a prophet and confront the “men [of society] and their faces”. God told him in¬† Jeremiah 1:7, “Do not say “I am a youth’, because evrywhere I send you you shall go”. Esther, when she was called to stand up on behalf of the Jewish people and risk her life for the nation, she was but a teenager!

You are prime and ripe for impactful and influential work. You are called to appointments with leaders–godly and ungodly–to do God’s work. Never let anyone or anything tell you that you are merely a youth, especially not yourself.

God is looking for youth through whom He desires to move, speak to the world, and bring about great change. We live in very curious times; times which betray a change in the ages. If God has blessed you with passion about a cause, why not pursue it with abandon and see where God takes you!

You blessed and highly favored, young people.





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