Anointed Young Ones

I’m just believing this:

That you are one of God’s anointed, chosen for a special task in honor of God and what He desires to do on this earth in these times.

You are not too young and never too inexperienced to walk in calling for God. All it takes is a willingness. You don’t need any special knowledge or any special skill. You just need to be willing to obey God’s voice and mute all of the others. You just need to stay humble and walk in the fear of the Lord. Yes, Fear. Fear of what your life would and could be like without God’s covering and direction. The stuff of nightmares.

You need to be willing to NOT go along with everyone else. Perhaps at some point in your life, you need to be able to identify with God’s chosen in the Bible–not because of your own desire to identify with them, but because of your response to God’s call. Never try to be, only obey and let God lead you to become.

The path of obedience is paved with sneers and jeers from your peers, and even your elders. Think of the sitins at the lunch counters. Food thrown at you, curses, yelling and even violence. But if you just sit still, all of those curses and taunts will fade.

The path of obedience, oftentimes, is not glamorous. It is always humbling. Bet, the path to obedience–Moses kind of obedience–is often at odds with what you really, really want. Just remember: Abaham’s test of offering up Isaac would lead to God’s own Son being offered up for us. Your obedience will yield fruit that cannot be compared or contained.

But trust me, this God who you claim to serve is worth every bit of the sacrifice and self denial. In fact, freedom is found in this path. Freedom from fear and every other vile thing.


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