To the Young Woman Who is Tempted to Cut Corners

To the young woman who is tempted to cut corners:

Your life is so much more than material things and the approval of others. God wants to birth something in this world which He wants to only do through you.

Integrity maintained is of greater value than the short-term gain of cutting corners.

White lies and compromises only snowball, leading you to places you nor God had ever planned. Integrity leads to life, and God honors those who honor Him. In the end, you may have had to give something up to keep your relationship with God, but in the end you will find that everything else was just an array of smoke, only to evaporate and surrender to the reality of incontinence; everything else outside of God is without true form.

Life in Christ is everything. It is life giving. Life in Christ is true life. The enemy of your soul speaks lies, telling you that God can’t provide. But, everything you ever truly desired is just around the corner.

Keep the faith always.

Because you are in a fight–yes, a fight–a tussle, a struggle with lies. Lies are really nothing, but they assume a form when we have not made up in our minds about whom we will serve. So, decide.

Decide to be God’s vessel, a constant work in progress, a vessel poured out. Let Him empty you and then fill. Your life is not about you. Who will be made to drink from your vessel? Will it be broken? Will you hold what God has given you so that others may know His great glory?

Save yourself for the Master’s great use. Don’t let lies fester, causing corruption to your vessel. He wants to use you. Always be ready.

Don’t let the lies of the evil one rush you to choose outside of God’s will. You are allowed to wait. Know that your purpose and use is far greater than the circumstances of right now, a negligible blip in the Lord’s sight.

Lay prostrate before Him now. The arrows may fly low, but remain lower still, face down, in a position that can’t produce stumbling.

God has a plan for you, beautiful one. But remember, this is not about you, it is about Him. You don’t even know or understand who you are and the plans He has for you. So, surrender and leave it to Him to guide you.

Bless you.

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