When you become a leader…

After reading 1 Chronicles 29 I was impressed with the leadership lessons that can be applied to our lives today. Students, if you really want to lead and make a difference in this world, there are some things that you will have to go through, some character traits that you will have develop that others may not. You will have to understand that this is God’s plan, not your own. You will need to die to self and live to God. I encourage you to read 1 Chronicles 29 today.

Characteristics of a Godly Leader

  1. They pour themselves out, giving everything to God. Their “work” is really worship. David gave so much of His own fortune to the building of God’s Temple. He didn’t have any regard to material wealth and acknowledged God as the source of all wealth and all that there is. He never ceased to count himself as nothing. His task to build the temple was all consuming. He conquered many nations and enemies of God, and then turned around and liquidated their “assets” to go into the Temple-building fund. The mark of a world-changing, godly leader is that the passion for God’s purpose is all-consuming and a single-minded pursuit.
  2. They encourage others to give everything to God as well. The mark of a true leader is their ability to change culture around them, their ability to influence others to honor God with everything. When David committed part of his fortune to God’s Temple, he charged all of the other leaders to do the same–and they did. If you stood in front of a crowd and encouraged them to do something would they listen? It first starts with a relationship with God. When God is moving through you, you become influential and impactful, able to change culture around you.
  3. They take responsibility. David made some serious mistakes. But when he did, he was willing to acknowledge them and, at one point, even asked God for punishment to fall on him and not his people. The passion of God leads one to take responsibility.
  4. They are humble. David knew that he was nothing compared to God and, in a sense, undressed himself of all veneer or marks of worldly royalty in his prayers to the Almighty. No matter how far you go, always know that you are really nothing, that it is really God behind the scenes making it all work together.

These are the things that they don’t tell you! Read your Bible to identify the truest leadershpi secrets available to you. Also seek God. He will direct your path.

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