Recommended Reading: Rise by Hallie Schaefer

Human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar black market affecting tens of millions of people every year, perhaps even some in your very own neighborhood.

Rise author Hallie Schaefer gives us the opportunity to peer into scenarios and stories that reveal the ill of global trafficking. Readers are presented with the truth that people are made slaves and coerced into a life of depravity and shame on a regular basis. Not only does this Goliath exploit the vulnerable all around the world, but it very well takes place right under our noses and can claim loved ones as victims.

Although Rise articulates the disasterous ripple effects produced by trafficking, Schaeffer reveals, page after page, that there is indeed a very real hope, and that hope lies in Christ, as expressed through passionate hands and hearts as well as miracles. Moreover, we find the element of family throughout the novel as a cornerstone artifact. Rise sobers us to the notion that someone else’s way out usually lies in our own passionate pursuit of justice. In this page turner, she indirectly inspires readers to step up to the plate and affect change.

Shaefer’s lead characters are well developed, seemingly with the intention to reveal that winning the battle against trafficking is not just a function of someone’s day job, but a biproduct of deep personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Julie Davis, Rise’s main protagonist, is a driven and focused young social worker whose mission since college has been to help eradicate human trafficking and bring healing to the lives of those broken by its evil.  Throughout the book we follow not only Julie’s dynamic life of compassion, of which God is recognized as the source, but also the lives of trafficking victims who are eventually revived by hope.

Schaefer deals tactfully, yet realistically with the subject of human trafficking, adding to the much-needed meme category which is able to educate the young and old alike.

Rise is a romantic didactic that presents truth and warms the heart. This is a must-read for the summer. Get yours today!

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