Making Your Summer Count

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment and freedom when the semester has drawn to a close and summer dawns. For about nine months, you buckle down, for better or for worse, to focus on becoming a professional and critical thinker.
With the summer comes the opportunity to enjoy life a little differently, remembering all of the things that you love to do for the sake of doing them like spendng time with friends, reflecting on the past school year, and having some fun!
No doubt, summer is synonymous with freedom, yet with this newfound freedom, know that you can still make a difference and let your summer count for the good of others as well as for that of your own goals.

Tips for a Great Summer

Tip # 1: Do something different. Whether it is taking a road trip with friends or taking up an acitivity that you wouldn’t normally do, consider something completely novel. It will add flavor and perspective to your life and you might discover a hidden talent. Create a bucket list and go!


Tip #2: Bond with others. Surely, there are some folks who, because of your busy schedule, you were unable to really take time with. Make sure to reach out and make time with them as you are able. Relationships are key in life. Make an investment in them as you are able.


Tip # 3: Document your experience. Take lots of pictures of your activities and fun times. Make a “Summer 2018” scrap book; In times to come, you will not regret taking the time to preserve a piece of your experience.


Tip #4: Serve. In Matthew 20:26, Jesus indicates that “greatness” comes from serving. Take this to heart. You may or may not be attending a mission trip, but you can serve anywhere. If you are not already involved, inquire with your church about any ministry events which serve the community. If you don’t have a church, band together with some friends and volunteer with local service organizations.


Tip #5: Stay healthy and safe (but make lots of sand castles!). Make sure to drink plenty of water to beat the heat and get plenty of exercise. If you are in an unfamiliar location like a different city or country, be aware of your surroundings at all times and know you’re “who, what, where, how, and why”. Know that God is with you always, but also strive for health and safety.


Tip #6: Stay grounded. Summer should be fun and, like every season, should be a time of drawing closer to God. If you are away from home, find a surrogate church family. Link up with friends who encourage you in faith, and seek always to move deeper in your relationship with Jesus.


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