Shedding skins, shedding friends

It seems that the key to going forward or moving up, or making strides in some positive direction requires the applications of a universal law: That in order to grab hold to something new and better, another lesser thing must be let go. If you can learn this lesson early on, you will find smoother transitions throughout life.

This lesson applies to people you entertain and let into your sphere of influence. The book of Proverbs is full of verses which refer to the wisdom of having the right people around you, and losing the wrong ones.

The reality is, if God does not have them in His plans for you, you need to cling to who you are in Christ and shed the wrong connections.

It may be your high school best friend or a beloved boyfriend, or even aspects of your relationship with very close individuals. It can be so hard to do. But do it, and do it knowing that in letting your “status quo” person go, God has a new relationship in store, even if that relationship, for a time, is just with Him. Don’t be afraid: The called ones often go through immense loneliness. To have a relationship with God is to share a part of His heart that no one else would have. You and Him would share something, and in that sharing, perhaps there is a sense of isolation from other people. But in time, God desires for you to take His heart and apply it your life with others.

Be willing to shed relationships for the sake of your growth in God. You will know who it is you must stop seeing or chatting it up with, or talking on the phone with, or eating with. These exchanges may seem harmless, but if you understood what happens in the spiritual realm, perhaps you’d quickly drop the wrong ones. Interaction is a type of exchange, and it is better for you not to pick up anything that would hinder your growth.

You can do this. More on this later…


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