How to Minimize Regret

Regret seems to pile up in one's life like dirty laundry. If you are not intentional on keeping it at a minimum, eventually you will find a closet full of things that you simply wish you could forget or go back and change. The way to deal with dirty clothes is to suck it up... Continue Reading →

Wisdom 102

Quick exercise! If you were to take a visit to your high school and one of your older teachers invited you to speak to the class about what they should do to prepare for college, what would you tell them? While the details of that speech will vary from person to person, you will probably... Continue Reading →

What are you eating?

I'm not sure what it is about college that gives this right of way for a junk food diet. Though highly stereotypical, images of Ramen-filled Styrofoam cups and plastic-encased frozen dinners are still a cringe worthy reminder that college can be a time of utter depravity. Hopefully you are the change and choosing better habits... Continue Reading →

Daily Devo: Set Apart

Do you find yourself being the lone voice of good among those who seek to go along with the crowd? As much pressure as you may encounter to be quiet by your peers, keep following your convictions to speak and to act as God leads you. Not that you should adopt a judgmental spirit against... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Alone Time

College is full of activity; events, performances, forums, speaking engagements, parties, etc. There is always something to do on campus, even if you are crossing campus to hang out with some friends. To be engaged in positive, life-giving activity is essential to your mental and even physical health. But there is such a thing as... Continue Reading →

Wisdom 101

The book of Proverbs begins with the author admonishing his son to keep wisdom in his heart. From the language, it is apparent that the author is very serious about the role of wisdom in a young man's life. He says that the instructions of his parents are like a garland upon his head and... Continue Reading →

Daily Devo: On Purpose

Everyday a miracle happens. You wake up, convert oxygen into carbon dioxide, complete many biological and physiological cycles, fire off trillions of synapses, and make life happen for yourself, adding shades of character to the overall human experience. Everyday is an opportunity to bring Heaven to Earth, to encourage someone else, be your brother's keeper,... Continue Reading →

Who is Jesus Christ? Peter Pan.

When I was in school, we covered a wide of array of historical figures in the classroom: Confucious, Ronald Reagan, Mao Zedong, Napoleon, and many more. There are many names which tower like tall buildings in the panorama of the collective historical memory, often inspiring namesake schools, organizations, even economic theory models. For the sake... Continue Reading →

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