Why Seek God in College

College is one of the most important times in a person’s life. So much goes into deciding which college you will attend. Indeed, you are likely to make life-long friends. You are likely to engage in memorable academic and endeavor, and surely, you will learn something that you will carry with you the rest of... Continue Reading →

Your Friends

College is a time when social groups really matter. In high school they mattered, but in college they matter just as much, if not more. Why? Because in college you are coming into the definition of your adult self. It’s not just about homework and the honor roll anymore, it is about becoming completely independent... Continue Reading →

On Living a Life of Purity

It's amazing what you can find on social media...just about anything. I went looking for college students who would be interested in reading a publication about God, and instead I found, almost instantly on twitter, a young woman of God whose ministry involves writings. I went to her site and was blown away with how... Continue Reading →

When Life Hurts

If you’re lucky, you’ll experience pain sooner than later. Yes, that’s right. The sooner you experience the breaking and the pressing, the sooner you’ll understand how to cope—to depend completely on God for your spiritual sustenance and validation. The sooner you are able to wade through the waters and press forward in the midst of... Continue Reading →

Sagely Advice, By Trinity Dobbs

Have you ever needed help? Maybe help with a homework assignment or relationship advice? Who did you ask to help you? Now, I have another question. What is the one thing we all are afraid of? Failure. It’s the one thing we can and can’t control at the same time. Some people are afraid that... Continue Reading →

Back from the Break!

"So, what'd you do on break?" AHHH THE DREADED QUESTION. I don't know about you all, but that question gives me major anxiety probs. What if I haven't done enough this break?! How come everyone else sounds like they had the perfect Hallmark Christmas and I'm over here feeling like the cozy lil' break time... Continue Reading →

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart. We hear that a lot in Hallmark movies and greeting cards, but is that really advice we would want to follow when making decisions for our life? How about in picking your major or choosing a future career? My goal was always to please the Father and follow His Will. When I... Continue Reading →

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