When Life Hurts

If you’re lucky, you’ll experience pain sooner than later. Yes, that’s right. The sooner you experience the breaking and the pressing, the sooner you’ll understand how to cope—to depend completely on God for your spiritual sustenance and validation. The sooner you are able to wade through the waters and press forward in the midst of... Continue Reading →

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart. We hear that a lot in Hallmark movies and greeting cards, but is that really advice we would want to follow when making decisions for our life? How about in picking your major or choosing a future career? My goal was always to please the Father and follow His Will. When I... Continue Reading →

Daily Devo: That Service Life.

Kids, whatever you do, make sure that you serve others. While you are studying for those exams, changing majors, and registering for classes for next semester, none of it truly matters if you do not live your life in Christ's spirit of service. A life void of service simply misses the point. What if, in... Continue Reading →

Walking in Your Shoes

Life is rarely a cake walk, but it is an adventure when you walk it with Jesus.  Everyone's journey with Him is so unique. From the way we first encounter Him, to the call on our lives, to our personal struggles and breakthroughs--each part of our story has a purpose. No one can walk your... Continue Reading →

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