Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart. We hear that a lot in Hallmark movies and greeting cards, but is that really advice we would want to follow when making decisions for our life? How about in picking your major or choosing a future career? My goal was always to please the Father and follow His Will. When I... Continue Reading →

Daily Devo: Set Apart

Do you find yourself being the lone voice of good among those who seek to go along with the crowd? As much pressure as you may encounter to be quiet by your peers, keep following your convictions to speak and to act as God leads you. Not that you should adopt a judgmental spirit against... Continue Reading →

Who is Jesus Christ? Peter Pan.

When I was in school, we covered a wide of array of historical figures in the classroom: Confucious, Ronald Reagan, Mao Zedong, Napoleon, and many more. There are many names which tower like tall buildings in the panorama of the collective historical memory, often inspiring namesake schools, organizations, even economic theory models. For the sake... Continue Reading →

Is September 23 the End?

You've probably seen it in the news: the September 23 doomsday prophecies being propagated. There are a plethora of believers who are confident that September 23, 2017 will be the day of the rapture or Christ's return, or some apocalyptic event. I do not need to go into the reasons for the belief in order... Continue Reading →

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